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Is Hyaluronic acid edible

Is Hyaluronic acid edible

Hyaluronic acid is edible ?

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronate ,and referred as Ha, for many people, we all know HA is a "natural moisturizing factor", it can be used in cosmetics, and the modified HA also is a good subcutaneous tissue filler, it also can be used for cosmetic, but HA can be eaten? Why so much hyaluronic acid food in Japan? The following I will give you a description of the application of hyaluronic acid in food.

 New resources food HA

The application of hyaluronic acid in food originated in Japan, in 1996, the Japanese officially listed HA as an additive,and then began to develop it, by the way,HA has become a household beauty food in Japan. Except Japan, HA is also widely  used in dietary supplements in the European and American's markets.

The effect of HA

HA and skin beauty

HA is a natural component of human body, it is widely distributed in the skin, joints, vitreous, umbilical cord and so on. Because of its unique water retention, viscoelasticity and lubricity,so that HA plays a vital role in maintaining young health in the human body.

However, with the growth of age, the ability of the human body to synthesize  HA will gradually decline, if we put the body at the age of 20 when the HA content as 100%, then HA only has 65% when you are 30 years old , and HA just has 25% when you are 60 years old . With the decrease of hyaluronic acid content in the human body, the skin will not only lose elasticity, but also appear wrinkles, joint pain, joint inflammation and other symptoms will occur.

Oral HA can supplement the insufficiency of HA in vivo, there are reports abroad, with the isotope-labeled HA, 7 days after continuous oral administration, about 8.8% of HA is absorbed by the body. Our company also studied the absorption and efficacy of oral HA, the experiment proved that oral HA can supplement the lack of hyaluronic acid in vivo, increase skin moisture, so that the skin remains smooth and delicate. HA has become a typical ingredient of beauty products because of its good efficacy and synergistic effect with collagen.

HA and joint health

Osteoarthritis also named as degenerative arthritis,it is a chronic joint disease, its main pathologic features are articular cartilage degenerative lesions and articular marginal bone hyperplasia, synovial hyperplasia and so on. At present, in our country 60 years old and above 55% have osteoarthritis, with China gradually enters the aging society and the human life expectancy extension, in the next 20 years, the joint disease will affect hundreds of millions of people's life. It has been found that when osteoarthritis occurs, the production and metabolism of HA in the joints will be abnormal, and its concentration and molecular weight will be significantly reduced.

Oral HA not only can  supplement the lack of HA in the joint, but also increase the lubricity and viscoelasticity of synovial fluid, inhibit the occurrence of inflammation, and repair damaged cartilage, promote joint health. Huaxi Fu Ruida has conducted a number of clinical trials in Europe to demonstrate that oral ha can effectively reduce joint discomfort and promote joint health. Except the efficacy of HA itself, HA and chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine have a good synergistic effect, therefore, HA has become a joint health and bone health products essential raw materials at present.

HA is not only welcomed by foreign famous brands of health food enterprises, at present, the health care products containing HA have been successfully developed by many well-known brands of health products in China, but compared with Japanese 、European and American's markets, HA is still in the initial stage of food application in China, with the improvement of living standard of our residents and the aggravation of the aging population, HA as a typical ingredient of beauty and joint health food will be more and more concerned.

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